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"Hardened hearts wander in fear
and suffer in solitude,
while tender hearts wonder in faith
and rejoice in reconciliation."

                 - Virginia Dixon 

Author. Leader. Speaker.

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Virginia's renowned photography of children became the foundation for Tender Hearts Enterprises (T.H.E.), the company she established in 1996. Having dedicated much of her life to examining the implications of what transpires in the developmental "whisper of time called childhood", Virginia holds a deep appreciation for how early life experiences and attachments shape and impact the way people view themselves, others and the world around them well into adulthood.

Through professional endeavors and life experiences as a wife of almost forty years and mother of five, Virginia continues to refine her understanding of the human condition. Moreover, her conviction that the heart is central to all things guides her philosophy on healing, allowing her to effectively understand and communicate the instrumental role that Relational, Emotional, and Spiritual Truth (R.E.S.T.™) has upon each person's capacity to reconcile conflicts within spirit, soul and body.

Now, after years of working in the field of neuroscience technology, as well as collaborating with medical practitioners and serving as the Director of Inner Healing at both the Center for New Medicine and the Cancer Center for Healing, Virginia is more committed than ever to bringing reconciliation and transformation to those she serves.  She employs R.E.S.T.™ and the Re-Constitution Method, an integrated approach to healing that addresses "laws of nature and self-evident truth that appeals to our natural affections."

Virginia received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine and continues post-graduate studies in Neuro-Regeneration under the advisement of Dr. Lee Cowden at the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, and Traumatic Stress Studies with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk through the Boston Trauma Center. 


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