Ep. 5 - Understanding How You Love & Attachment Pt. 1

Updated: Apr 7

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In episode five of the R.E.S.T.™ podcast with Virginia Dixon we are joined by guest Jane Marczewski. Jane originally met Virginia through the Cancer Center for Healing where she came seeking guidance and treatment for her Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Virginia and Jane discuss:

  • The 5 core attachment styles

  • How understanding our attachment styles can help us cut through the fog of our pain and patterns

  • How they can help us understand how we love

  • Jane's personal experience learning her initial attachment style and how this contributed to certain decisions throughout her life

  • And how she began to heal not just her emotions, but her cancer as well as she worked with Virginia through R.E.S.T.™

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Where to Find Virginia

Where to Find Jane

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