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We believe in a comprehensive healing model that simultaneously addresses
the heart, body and soul through discipleship counseling
and the integrative use of neurotechnologies. 

Tailored to the unique needs of each person, Virginia aims to restore health
and life to the human soul by mentoring and teaching governmental reasoning 
through laws of nature and self-evident truth that speak to our natural affections. Respecting the dignity of each individual, Virginia skillfully speaks to that which
is governed by each person's liberty. 


Re-Constitution Method™

The Re-Constitution Method is a simple, comprehensive approach to reconciling the “confusion, chaos and dis-ease” that compounds when spiritual, emotional, and relational conflicts are not resolved.  “Exploring truth, experiencing freedom, and examining the foundations that shape our lives” is at the heart of the Re-Constitution Method.


After years of working in the field of neuroscience, collaborating with medical practitioners, and serving as Director for Inner Healing at the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing, Virginia observed that it is through the pursuit of relational, emotional, and spiritual truth (R.E.S.T.™) that we most effectively reconcile conflicts and eradicate the confusion, chaos, and dis-ease which frequently lead to illness.  To achieve the R.E.S.T.™ necessary for healing, people must examine:


  • The Life of the Heart        


  • The Role of Relationships  

  • The Meaning of Pictures   


  • The Value of Story 


Virginia does not diagnose, treat or cure. Instead, she believes that by design, individuals have a fundamental understanding of what is at the core of their conflicts and dis-ease. Convinced they possess both the power and authority to heal, she guides them through the process of reconciling the conversation between spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions, conscience) and body. The therapeutic relationship is NOT the primary source of healing - the client is - Virginia merely facilitates the process. 

If you would like more information about Virginia's work or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.



Research has shown that when maladaptive emotions, such as anger and worry are internalized and cycled repeatedly, they reportedly result in physiological manifestations such as migraines, heart disease, anxiety, muscle tension, gastrointestinal problems, sexual dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, etc. EVOX technology is a time and research-tested perception reframing biofeedback technology, where helpful frequencies target and unblock build-up of toxic stress and excess energies in the body. EVOX treatment helps individuals in two ways:


  1. Delivering biofeedback of energetic frequencies to release emotional stress and decongest emotional barriers;  

  2. Causing physiological responses to monitor and better control them toward healthier functions.


Clients have reported positive impacts on health, interpersonal relationships, personal performance, increased relaxation and decreased stress.



Cereset®is a wellness experience that helps you relax your brain to manage stress, restore hope and finally achieve restful sleep through patented BrainEcho™ technology that empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection. This advanced computing technology “captures” brain data to create a high-definition acoustical brain mirror. It's a real-time reflection of brainwave activity that internally generates an individualized pattern of music-like tones, which in turn supports the brain’s ability to achieve deep states of relaxation. In short, it works like a mirror.


From this relaxed state, the brain releases stress and intuitively optimizes activity patterns on its own terms to reset itself.  Cereset®enables your brain to fully relax and reset to its natural balance from the inside out. There is no outside intervention, stimulus, medication or supplement of any kind – the brain does its own work while you nap or relax quietly in our comfortable zero-gravity chair.

For more information, please visit or contact the Irvine office at



The body is 1/3 of our constitution in addition to the spirit and soul. With a holistic approach, we address the body through a foundation of Functional Nutrition. Using principles of Functional Medicine, we look at the root cause of dis-ease, not just the symptoms.

What does the process look like? 

  • We use bio-resonance scanning and functional lab work to investigate what imbalances need restoring.

  • Common Imbalances: 

    • Autonomic Nervous System Imbalances

    • Structural Imbalances and/or Scars

    • Dental Issues 

    • Toxicity (heavy metals, mycotoxins, endocrine disrupting chemicals, pesticides, etc.)

    • Hormonal Imbalances

    • Immune System Imbalances (including food sensitivities) 

    • Pathogenic Overgrowth (bacteria, fungus/candida, parasites, viruses)

    • Nutrient Deficiencies and Mineral Imbalances 

    • Sluggish Drainage/Detoxification Organs 

    • Emotional Conflict and its Impact on Corresponding Organs (Traditional Chinese Medicine) 

  • We provide nutritional counseling emphasizing restoring metabolic function and giving the body the nutrients it needs for cellular health.

  • We optimize drainage pathways before detoxification protocols (G.I. system, liver, kidneys, lymphatics, skin, lungs).

  • We utilize holistic tools unique to each individual (herbs, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, frequency/bio-resonance programs) 

  • We create bio-individual health protocols focusing on restoring the body's terrain through R.E.S.T., nutrition, sleep, exercise, supplementation and other health/detoxification modalities.



Guiding people through Relational, Emotional, and Spiritual Truth (R.E.S.T.™), while helping them reconcile conflicts, restore clarity, order and ease to their lives is single-handedly the most rewarding part of Virginia's work.  For this reason, she invites people to T.H.E. Villa and other venues across the nation where R.E.S.T.™ and the Re-Constitution Method are explored. In addition, our Team shares valuable resources to facilitate thought-provoking conversations while providing a much-needed time of silence, solitude and self-reflection during the Day of R.E.S.T.™.

"After almost thirty years of study, contemplation and experience working with people, I have come to understand and successfully use several essential modalities for examining the Relational, Emotional, and Spiritual Truth which facilitates R.E.S.T.™ and healing. During retreats, we examine the foundations that shape our lives and address challenging issues that often generate unrest, causing confusion, chaos and dis-ease." ~Virginia Dixon


To best serve everyone, we are launching a foundational series that will lay the framework for R.E.S.T.™, the Re-Constitution Approach to healing. The 40 Days of R.E.S.T.™ is a six-week online course that will effectively help people live with increasing measures of freedom by displacing the confusion, chaos and dis-ease that plagues them.


The course will be offered six times a year (every other month) and enrolling will enable those who desire to work individually with Virginia to gain traction, thus saving time and money.


Long before she authored R.E.S.T.™, Virginia was a gifted communicator who helped people reason through complex ideas and the unreconciled conflicts that weighed them down.  Most report hearing for the first time the idea that "foundational principles of individual self-government are instrumental in helping them live free from the confusion, chaos and dis-ease that often derail their life." Among other things, she introduces the language of liberty which provides the vocabulary necessary to experience unprecedented levels of healing. 


By planting the seed of these ideas and others, Virginia shares invaluable resources that begin the often hard and painful journey from chaos and confusion to R.E.S.T.™, and ultimately, freedom.


  • R.E.S.T.™: The Re-Constitution Method

  • Why R.E.S.T.™

  • Reconciling Trauma & Emotional Turmoil

  • Confusion, Chaos, Dis-Ease & Illness

  • R.E.S.T.™: Understand How You Love

  • R.E.S.T.™: Understand Your Soul Hunger

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